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Balloons are the quintessential party decoration. If you have attended any party, chances are you would have seen the host adorned the event with balloons. However, you will be surprised to learn that most people do not factor in the balloons’ colours when making their purchases, resulting in awkward colour combinations that clash with the party’s aesthetics.

The importance of pairing your balloons in the right colour combinations cannot be understated. The right balloon colours can make your party “pop”, whereas the wrong combinations will likely leave your guests scratching their heads. So if you are currently planning a party and sourcing for your party balloons, let us share the ideal colour combinations you should go with to ensure your party stands out.

Black and gold balloons

If you are planning to throw a classy party, balloons that are gold and black in colour are going to be your best bet as these two colours are generally associated with sophistication and wealth, making them ideal for a fancy party.

Silver and gold balloons

If you are not a fan of the colour black or find it too dark for the occasion, silver works as a great alternative to black balloons because it does not take too much away from the “classy” theme that black and gold balloons provide. Moreover, similar to gold, silver is typically associated with wealth as well.